Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tablescapes: Design Inspiration

I have a staunch habit of being an avid browser and a less frequent purchaser when it comes to furniture. First, I don't have my design concept for my own home completely developed as I am intrigued by so many styles and designs. It has to be more definite before I will commit. Secondly, it is difficult to find exquisite quality of workmanship and materials. I am usually put off by veneers and most things Ikea. There is something so solid and reassuring about solid wood, dovetailing, nail heads, and dents that seems as if a piece has been around forever. It makes me think about who has used this furniture as time passes. I'm talking about antique furniture but it has to be the perfect piece as I have been introduced to plenty of unappealing subjects!

But there is plenty of room in my heart for new too. It goes to show that reproductions can take the place of authentic. My mini obsession, for the time being, is for trestle or farmhouse tables. Ones that can fit a full family plus guests without a problem. Ones that have dents, scratches, and a color or texture that has been worn down by time. Or falsely distressed by some other means if it is nouvelle.

My favorite new table includes the one in the picture above. It is a Pottery Barn design called the Sumner dining table. This seems to be more of a farmhouse style. I adore its roughly hewn planks and fat legs. The grain of the wood and the soft stain are appealing with wrought iron accents, natural foliage, and linen. It looks like it has been around a while yet is sturdy enough to last another 100 years or so.

What would your dream tablescape be? Is is like my current table want with it's more earthy and rustic side? Or do you prefer something a bit more modern?

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