Sunday, August 16, 2009


I absolutely adore antiquing and it just so happens that my favorite blogger, Corey, from Tongue in Cheek has a drool worthy brocante story more often than not. It puts me in the mood to traipse the local antique stores looking for treasure. It would be a defining moment if I was to stumble across some French antique gem hidden in between the nick knacks but that would be too much to ask for in this part of the country.

Today, I settled on something that at first glance is very pretty but does not necessarily have a French or European origin. The silver plated flatware set is covered in beautiful flowers and ribbons. What could be more lovely in a table setting?

After finding the off-putting name of Arbutus attached to my new purchase, I immediately began to research the history. Arbutus trees, also known as strawberry trees are a Mediterranean tree often found in France. I guess I did bring a little bit of France home with me.

Ps. Forgive my wrinkled linen.

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