Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Vampire Love Affair

I have always had a thing for vampires. I remember the 1st time I was drawn to them (as fictional characters of course), I was flipping through the channels one day and stopped when I saw a man overcome with grief. Immediately I was drawn to this and couldn't take my eyes off his face. His revenge for the death that made him weep was quick and severe. This was Interview with the Vampire. At that time, I did not watch the entire film but was struck by the Gothic romance and raw emotion portrayed by Louis. I devoured the book and watched the entire movie afterwards. I then went on to read all of Anne Rice's novels.

Louis, I thought was so heartbreakingly romantic and dangerous in his self loathing. Lestat was cunning and lethal but I loved him as well. I liked that they were evil but they held onto their humanity not only to blend in but for vanity's sake, as in Lestat's case. They will always be my favorite.

Tom Cruise was phenomenal as Lestat and I don't think that his performance can be compared to anything else he has done. Kirsten Dunst was such a little adult as Claudia. She impressed me and I couldn't help but feel her rebellion against her child self. She was quite the convincing, conniving little woman. Brad Pitt was ripe with grief and sorrow but could not help himself against what he was. Quite decadent.

Then Buffy the Vampire Slayer came along and caught my attention in the late 90s. Every week I would be sure to catch the newest episodes of Buffy kicking the asses of big bads! The series struck a strong cord as I could identify with its teen heroine and the real life situations that popped up between vampire slayage. It has been a very long time since I have watched the series and now I have returned to it. Over the years, as life got busier, I stopped watching and did not get to see the last 3 seasons. Now it is time to revive my love for BtVS as I pick it up from the beginning.

I'm not looking for closure really as I'm sure I will feel a bit of loss once I am through watching all 7 episodes. I wished when I was younger that I could have had all the adventure Buffy had! Except for all the death and bruises that followed every episode.

I realize how much I still adore Buffy and how much of an influence she was to me growing up. As I am re watching the 1st season, I remember why I liked the show so much. Xander is the comic relief and I find myself laughing at his humor and awkwardness. Buffy is vivacious, a bit blonde, witty and always has something clever to say to the baddies just before she plunges mr. pointy into their chests. She is fashionable and manages to fight in all those short dresses and tall boots. (How she does it I don't know.) Willow seems to always be trying to find herself and reinventing her love lifestyle. Angel...well he was beautiful, soulful, and Anne Rice esque....sigh...

So it's like coming back to long lost friends. Ok...I'm starting to sound weird but I'm happy so who cares. If any one close to me is reading this....I want the complete 7 episodes box set for Christmas! Let's just say if I had that I would be really really happy.

So much for these Twilight vampires. I have to admit that I am not impressed by this genera. In my opinion, stick with old school Anne Rice and BTVS if you want vampires. There is something about Edward that creeps me out.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Boot Debacle

I'm going through a bit of a shoe crisis. I really like so many of the styles of boots available this fall that it is so hard to choose which ones I want. The Flosand gray boot from Aldo is one of my favorites. Last year I had them in black. Now they have them in this beautiful shade of gray that suits my neutral color sensibility. AND....they are on sale.

Then there are these lovelies from Free People. The Vamp is just that with its over the knee and slightly blouson silhouette. I adore the pleats/tucks at the opening cuff. I am a short 5' 2" and can't quite decide if I would be able to pull them off or not. Something to think about.

I really really think that these Bentley flat over the knee boots from Free People are so unique with the studs on the cuff. I just know that these paired with leggings and a fitted tunic would be so comfy. I like the height I get with heels but sometimes your feet need a break. I just need to find my suede footwear protector treatment.

I did order these little ankle boots! This is Raleigh from Madden Girl. They look so feminine yet you could wear them with a leather jacket. I am picturing wearing them with skinny jeans right when I receive them! I hope they fit. I have been seeing a trend of ruffles on shoes. They are on anything from boots to sandals.

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