Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Broken Heart: Restoration Hardware

I have found the interior scheme of my dreams... For some reason it is difficult for me to plan a cohesive design to the interior and exterior of my home because I am constantly being inspired by so many design themes. But Restoration Hardware seems to have pinned my taste down to the nose. If i can buy all these pieces from one store that is fantastic! The simplicity, neutral color palate, antique look, and unique pieces sets these rooms apart from anything I have seen before.

I was a bit heart broken after I flipped through the pages of the catalogue I received in the mail today. I want a bit of everything that would relieve me of at least $100,000. Scanning my living room I felt a sense of incompleteness and thought about how I would feel if my living room looked like the one in the picture.

I love love love the over sized map of Paris with the lighted frame. Showcasing art is so beautiful. When you have such a large piece you will want to accessorize minimally so as not to take away from the centerpiece. The metal accent lamps combined with the gargantuan tripod lamp are magnificent styles of lighting. I like the traditional curved back sofa (upholstered in linen) combined with the unique accent pieces.

Shuttered armoirs in a very natural almost weathered stain along with the metal and glass table recall modern Belgian design to me. The neutral color palate is very appealing. I have recently added color to my own house but am really gravitating towards the colors in RH. They are calming and peaceful to the eyes while pops of gold create a warm interest.

I want it.

Here again, in this dining room, there is linen upholstery on the chairs, with natural stain on the wood, metal legs and trestles on the table, and neutral walls references the color scheme from the sitting room. Don't forget the pops of gold. I love gold. The lanternesque light fixture above the table blows me away. So simple but unique.

The kitchen has so much light. I think the worst thing is a dark kitchen with few windows. I like to see the outdoors and light in any room. The reclaimed wood island would be the perfect place to prepare a meal. The huge fireplace makes my jaw drop. It could be a limestone fireplace from France. I like when kitchens combine modern appliances with antique accents and functional design. More counter and storage space is a must for a kitchen. I also like the metal bar stools so you could have a bit to eat in the kitchen.

I'm not sure I would be comfortable sitting in these chairs but they have quite a lovely curvy form, gorgeous nail head accents, and the famous Belgian linen upholstery again. I would use two bergere chairs with ottomans instead. They may be a bit more comfy. There is also a trend for books recovered in all one color. It unifies a collection and looks great whether the books are stacked or shelved upright. The globe light fixture is a bit surprising but it is so beautiful I wouldn't take it down.

The bedroom, more focusing on the dressing room here. Beautiful shoe cupboard, with the shutters again. I have a passion for shutters. They remind me of tropical New Orleans or some Caribbean island. The huge mirror is delicately lovely. There is such a feminine and simple aura here. The over sized accent chair and the upholstered bench look like great places to sit when contemplating which shoes to wear.

When I have enough money to make my house look like this...or my future home in France.... I will for sure want to entertain. Maybe you will be invited.

PS. All pictures are from Restoration Hardware.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blushing Wine Sauce

I thought that my readers were hungry for another recipe. Am I right? This was inspired by the meal my sister made for me last weekend. The sauce is made from White Zinfandel wine. I don't enjoy drinking but I like to cook with wine at times. The wine sauce is such a great change from the heavy cream sauces I have been making lately. Baking the chicken until just done then transferring the strips to the skillet helps infuse the sauce's flavors into the chicken.

I have a very sad little garden this year and managed to find about 5 ripe cherry tomatoes that I added in with the store bought ones. Mine were superior to the store tomatoes. They have a much more fresh and delicate taste. The store bought ones had a very pungent tomato taste that reminded me of tomato soup. Still delicious, but I wish my tomato plants were producing more fruit.

Click on the recipe for the full view. This template is from the Creature Comforts blog.