Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Metal Cellos

I don't claim to know much about music or pretend to be all that musically inclined. I have had a childhood of passed up musical opportunities: piano, flute, violin, and yes even the recorder - my first grand foray into the music world. I've tried them all but I really didn't like instruments that involve saliva or blowing. With the others I may not have had the best relationship with my instructors. It was me not you instruments. Out of all of them I would probably want to pick up the piano again someday.

C-E-L-L-O, you are my love. I never thought I would find you. You make my fingers bruise and break. You squeak when I want you to sing. You are just about as big as I am but not quite as heavy. Time can be made to play you until I get it right.

It's beautiful, the sound of a well played cello solo. My two non conventional cello influences are Break of Reality and Apocalyptica. Both play classical and metal cello music. I am not much of a metal fan but cello can play it really really well. I love watching the 4 cellist of Apocalyptica head bang their way through a Metallica song. I can't help but smile. I want to play that some day sans head banging. But I first need to get my finger placement right.

Here is another amazing cello music video from Break of Reality, playing Metallica's Day that Never Comes. The above music video is Apocalyptica playing Nothing Else Matters.

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