Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Provence Collection By RH

Restoration Hardware has undoubtedly produced another timeless collection in the Provence Collection. Overall the look is southern France Mediterranean. The well groomed shrubbery, unfinished wood, iron, and wicker set the natural tone of the elements in the line. I have selected three of my favorite sets to showcase.

The image above features an aluminum Greek Klismos table set. The sleek urn base of the table showcases its unique pedestal details along with the curving legs of the chairs. Ivory cushions contrast with the charcoal gray aluminum. The pot of succulents provides structured greenery that looks as tailored as the hedges.

I am drawn to the natural wicker and neutral upholstery in the photos above and below. The simplistic attention to detail is shown in the clean lines and x motifs especially in the planters in the image below. The table looks like something that has come from an antique shop as the quality and solid craftsmanship are apparent. Over sized lanterns create warmth and enhance the vintage classic Provencial feel. Stone pots holding bits of wild lavender are placed in the center of the table for a subtle hint of color. Pea gravel is used commonly in European courtyards and is replicated here.

In the poolside setting the wicker is used again and upholstered in the same tones. The lanterns are present just in case of a midnight candle light swim. The small but very visually appealing pool is balanced on each side by two chaises and flanked at the head of the pool by a cozy daybed. The neutral color palate is accented with green shrubbery and purple lavender blossoms. The design here is simplistic and tasteful to contemporary Provencial design.

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