Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blushing Wine Sauce

I thought that my readers were hungry for another recipe. Am I right? This was inspired by the meal my sister made for me last weekend. The sauce is made from White Zinfandel wine. I don't enjoy drinking but I like to cook with wine at times. The wine sauce is such a great change from the heavy cream sauces I have been making lately. Baking the chicken until just done then transferring the strips to the skillet helps infuse the sauce's flavors into the chicken.

I have a very sad little garden this year and managed to find about 5 ripe cherry tomatoes that I added in with the store bought ones. Mine were superior to the store tomatoes. They have a much more fresh and delicate taste. The store bought ones had a very pungent tomato taste that reminded me of tomato soup. Still delicious, but I wish my tomato plants were producing more fruit.

Click on the recipe for the full view. This template is from the Creature Comforts blog.


  1. We have cherry tomatoes from our little garden -- in fact, tomatoes of all kinds were our success story this year. Of course, we were hoping for the pumpkins to come out..

    Anyway, this recipe sounds delish and a half! Do you have any brilliant suggestions for using those itty-bitty yellow tomatoes?

  2. Thank you for the comment! I'm glad that someone in some part of the world was able to make something in their garden grow. I think my problem was the unusually cold summer. Oh, well, maybe next year.

    I hope that if you make this recipe you enjoy it. I would recommend using about a cup or two of the Zin. It seems to cook away quickly. Just be sure to cook it long enough to neutralize the alcohol. Unless you like that. : )

    I have not cooked with tiny yellow tomatoes. But I suppose you could substitute any cherry tomato for the yellow ones. Maybe a tomato tart would be nice try this recipe: